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Corporate Giving Guidelines


Caesars Windsor: Committed to our Community

Since the beginning, Caesars Windsor’s Corporate Giving Program has proudly supported the tireless efforts of local charitable and not-for profit organizations that work towards building a better future for our community and its citizens.

Giving Guidelines

We are proud of the thousands of charities we have supported since our inception in 1994. We are focused on allocating scarce resources to positively impact the greatest number possible. Our program’s primary focus fall under these tenets:

  1. Health and Wellness
  2. Environment Sustainability and Conservation - CodeGreen
  3. Community Enrichment
  4. Seniors

Caesars Windsor is unable to support the following:

  • Individuals or grants/sponsorships to individuals
  • Partisan, political, religious or denominational organizations
  • Endowment funds, bursaries or scholarships
  • Operational funding
  • Events or activities focused primarily on attendees who are under 19 years of age
  • Athletic sponsorships for individuals or teams including little leagues
  • Government funded agencies or organizations
  • Conferences, congresses, seminars or meetings
  • National/Provincial organizations whose local chapters already receive our support
  • Service Organizations (i.e. Knights of Columbus, Optimist Clubs, Kinsmen, or fraternities or sororities)
  • Generic requests: “To whom it may concern or Dear Sir/Madam” letters will not receive consideration.


All charitable requests must be submitted 60 business days prior to the event or the date the funds are required. We appreciate your patience with this process and encourage you to plan ahead. Last minute-requests cannot be considered.

Requests can be e-mailed to

When providing assistance we reserve the right to request copies of audited financial statements of the organization receiving the assistance or of the specific project, event or program that we supported for two years following the date of the contribution.

Due to very high demands for funds/sponsorships/donations, Caesars Windsor is unable to respond to all requests. Only successful applications will receive a written response.