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Pink's Hot Dogs



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(760) 751-3100


Monday-Sunday 11am-11pm
Friday-Saturday 11am-1am




Year of the Millionaire

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Pink's Hot Dogs



About Pink's Hot Dogs

Pink's have been serving up our legendary hot dogs for over 74 years! Everyone from movie stars and musicians, well-known dignitaries and businessmen, to housewives and families… all have savored Pink's.

It all started back in 1939. Paul Pink purchased a modest large-wheeled pushcart and parked it on La Brea Avenue in Hollywood. Although, the effects of the Great Depression were still being felt, a legend was born. For just 10 cents, you could enjoy Pink's Hollywood perfection - a large warm bun hugging a juicy oversized hot dog liberally topped with mustard, onions and of course, thick savory chili.

As always, Pink's takes enormous pride in outstanding quality and scrumptious taste. You, like others at Pink's humble stand in 1939, can place an order and have it in your hands within 30 seconds or less. We hope you enjoy a bite of Hollywood history at Harrah's Resort Southern California!




With a strong business background and the brains behind some of Harrah's finest recipes, Room Chef Jeff Piccirillo manages various Harrah's restaurants such as Pink's and 'ritas. Recently, he was awarded Supervisor of the Quarter for his great work in the kitchen. Chef Piccirillo started out in the industry by managing small pizza joints. Over time, he realized his passion for the industry resided in the food and kitchen environment. He then became an apprentice and transitioned toward becoming a chef. Chef Piccirillo enjoys cooking at work and at home; however, he really loves cooking outdoors, which helped him earn 1st place in the casino category at Pala's 1st Annual BBQ Challenge. Chef Piccirillo is constantly formulating new recipes and dishes in his head and has more than 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry. He specializes in a variety of cuisines such as Pacific Rim, Italian and Mexican-Southwestern dishes. After all his accomplishments, what does he consider to be his proudest achievement? "Opening the Buffet at Harrah's," he said. "We used some of my recipes and I wrote some menu items. We use my pizza dough and sauce recipe, clam and mussel recipe and the big Texas Smoker in the Buffet is mine!"