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Policy Briefs

Creating a Commercially Viable Casino Industry

Casino legislation must be mindful about the realities of inter- and intra-state competition for casino customers, and for the investments of casino companies. Variables including tax structure, wager and loss limits, and numbers of licenses are crucial in creating a casino industry that delivers lasting benefits to home states and communities.
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Creating a Socially Responsible Casino Industry

Policy-makers should take advantage of opportunities to create not only a financially viable casino business, but also one that improves the quality of life for communities that host casinos as well as for neighboring communities. Gaming regulators and legislators can take a number of steps to ensure that casino gaming remains socially responsible.
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Developing a Strong Regulatory Framework for Gaming
Gaming regulatory systems play an important role in maintaining the integrity of the casino industry. Game fairness, operator suitability, and proper accounting are vital concerns of gaming regulators.
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What’s the Right Kind of Casino Gaming?

Although the games may be similar from one casino to another, the venues for casinos gaming show great variation, demonstrating how local communities have successfully tailored casino developments to satisfy their particular capital investment, physical planning, aesthetic, and entertainment needs.
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