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Profile of an American Gambler: Survey 2006

Caesars has commissioned extensive research that provides a great deal of insight into the characteristics and preferences of casino gamblers across the country. We are pleased to share some of that knowledge in Profile of the American Casino Gambler: Caesars Survey 2006. It's essential reading for public policy makers, journalists and others who seek to understand the casino industry and the casino customer.

Caesars Survey 2006 provides a comprehensive overview of casino players in the United States. It demonstrates Americans' enthusiasm for casino gambling and their desire to experience a broad array of entertainment choices offered by gambling venues in states throughout the country. It also proves that gamblers are trendsetters in a wide variety of subjects including, money management, consumer purchases, technology and dining.

A quarter of Americans age 21 and older -- 52.8 million -- gambled at a casino in 2005, according to the 2006 Survey. On average, gamblers visited a casino about six times during the year. Gamblers made 322 million trips to casinos in 2005.

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